Building Scans


Building infrared inspections allow owners to pinpoint problem areas of possible moisture intrusion and energy loss.  Before spending hundreds of dollars on a waterproofing contractor trying to chase down problem areas, get a low cost infrared building inspection to see what's really going on with your building's structural integrity. 


Infrared image of building envelope waterproofing problems



In the picture above, an owner in Atlanta, GA spent hundreds of dollars on a contractor to tuck point the brick wall to try to keep moisture from entering the structure and running into the basement. An infrared scan, combined with a thorough inspection revealed that the moisture was not getting into the wall through the brick. Moisture was entering the coping at the top of the wall and running down. The owner could have saved money by first having an infrared thermal imaging inspection and finding the problem before spending hundreds on a contractor trying to chase the leak.  


Infrared technology can quickly find water intrusion and moisture problems in a non-destructive manner.


  • Precisely Identify Problem Areas
  • Reduce Cost of Unnecessary Repairs
  • Prevent Energy Loss
  • Non-destructive Testing


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IR scans of commercial building exteriors for moisture problems


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