Roof Scans

In roofing systems, moisture is the number one problem.  Infrared inspection of a roofing system is an excellent tool to quickly and accurately identify areas of wet insulation and thus pinpoint roof damage.  


During daylight hours the sun heats the roof. After sunset, the roof begins to cool, but areas of wet or moist insulation hold heat longer (higher thermal mass). During this time there is a window of opportunity when a skilled thermographer will be able to image these warmer areas. The results can be quite dramatic.


We then use a moisture meter to verify the problem areas, and these are marked with high-visibility paint.  A detailed report is also provided.


This service can help building owners save thousands of dollars. Instead of replacing the entire roof, our infrared inspection allows customers to identify and replace only the problem areas. 


  • Precisely Identify Problem Areas
  • Reduce Cost of Unnecessary Repairs
  • Due Diligence Testing Prior to Purchasing a Building
  • Baseline Roof IR-Images to Facilitate Insurance Claims
  • Walk-On or Aerial Surveys Available


Call or e-mail us to schedule a no-cost consultation.  Remember, we are independent third-party consultants, not roofing contractors, so we have no vested interest in what we find. We want to be your trusted roofing consultant for buildings in the Atlanta, GA area and all over the southeast.


Infrared images of commercial flat roof and membrane roof inspections


Recent Projects:

Brief summaries of some of the projects we have recently completed.

Shows the wide range of businesses that benefit from infrared inspections.

Interesting Cases:

More detailed descriptions of some of the problems we have found.

These also serve as case studies in how a good thermographer/field

engineer works.  


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