Infrared Services



Electrical Scans

What you don’t know can hurt you!  Problems in electrical equipment are usually not visible to the human eye and can easily go unnoticed, until disaster strikes. Incorporating infrared technology into a program of preventive maintenance can bring these issues to light while they are still small and relatively easy to fix.  


Mechanical Scans

When mechanical components fail, they typically overheat first. Using infrared technology, we can quickly identify the problem so corrective action can be taken to prevent a costly failure and/or replacement.

With an infrared inspection, potential problems can be easily pinpointed and repaired prior to failure.

Roof Scans

In roofing systems, moisture is the number one problem. Infrared inspection of a commercial, flat roofing system is an excellent tool to quickly and accurately identify areas of wet insulation and thus pinpoint damage to a modified bitumen, membrane, PVC, TPO, EPDM, or other roofing system.

This service can help building owners save thousands of dollars. Instead of replacing the entire roof, our infrared inspection allows customers to identify and replace only the problem areas. 

Building Scans

Building infrared inspections allow owners to pinpoint problem areas of possible moisture intrusion and energy loss.  Before spending hundreds of dollars on a waterproofing contractor trying to chase down problem areas, get a low cost infrared building inspection to see what's really going on with your building's structural integrity. 



Residential Scans

Infrared Guys now offer low-cost residential scans. The same problems commercial facilities face can also cause trouble in residential structures. An infrared scan can quickly identify these problems to make sure you home is safe and energy efficient for your family.


Infrared Guys, Inc. perform inspections of electrical, mechanical, roof and other systems

Recent Projects:

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