Recent Projects

Following are summaries of some of the projects we have recently completed. We have experience with all kinds of properties, buildings, and facilities. We work all over the southeast, including Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, Kentucky, Maryland, and points beyond.



Mar. 2013:  Multiple locations of a major international hotel and motel chain.


Mar. 2013:  Large Shopping Mall in Knoxville, TN. Inspection covered all electrical distribution systems, including rooftop air handlers, HVAC systems, lighting, and internal water pumps. Found a total of 26 problems, 8 of which were critical. One of these is described in more detail in Case Studies.


April 2013: Multiple locations of a major regional bakery.


April 2013: Corporate HQ buildings of a worldwide textile manufacturing company.  Also performed inspections of same company’s distribution centers.


April 2013: Multiple locations of a national poultry processing and distribution company. Also performed inspections at one of the company’s hatchery operations.


April 2013: Multiple pumping stations for a nationwide pipeline company.


. . . and then we got so busy traveling around and doing various types of inspections

that we neglected to update this Recent Projects page!


Sept. 2015: Conducted exploratory envelope scans of a building where there were unexplained heat/cooling losses. Detected some specific problem areas, and also assessed the overall integrity of the building envelope.


Sept. 2015: Infrared electrical scans at a large manufacturing facility in Georgia. In the past, this plant had done physical/mechanical inspections of the electrical equipment which could only be done when the plant was shut down, and also resulted in unnecessary wear and tear on the equipment. The new Maintenance Manager was aware of the advantages of infrared thermography, and has started a regular program of non-intrusive inspections.


Note: We just post a sampling of some of the projects we complete. We are constantly traveling around the Southeast doing all kinds of inspections.

Various infrared images reveal thermal anomalies


Recent Projects:

Brief summaries of some of the projects we have recently completed.

Shows the wide range of businesses that benefit from infrared inspections.

Interesting Cases:

More detailed descriptions of some of the problems we have found.

These also serve as case studies in how a good thermographer/field

engineer works.  


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